Unconscious Bias Workshop

AustCham UoW Mentor Programme

Unconscious Bias Workshop

AustCham UoW Mentor Programme

Unconscious biases are the stereotypes, both positive and negative, that exist in our subconsciousness and affect our behaviours. They are the quick judgments and assessments of people that we make, influenced by our own background, experiences and environment.

In the corporate world today, the term ‘Unconscious Bias’ is mainstream and our speaker Ken Chow will explore how these biases shape our actions and the challenges that play on business growth. The workshop will make for a fascinating discussion on a topic that is affecting all businesses across Hong Kong.

This event is open to AustCham UoW Mentor Programme participants only.

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Tue, January 08, 2019


06:30 PM - 08:30 PM



KPMG, 8/F, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong



Ken Chow
Managing Partner | {embrace} worldwide

I am a Mindful Leadership Coach with a passion to work clients to achieve their goals through co-creating a high definition vision of the success they want in all areas of their life.

For 20+ year I have held senior Asia Pacific roles building organisational capability and teams, developing and managing process, and leading geographically dispersed teams. Over that time, I saw the impact of lack of leadership, vision, clarity, creativity and connection. I was consumed to learn, enhance my personal leadership development and this led me to become a Mindful Leadership Coach.

Personal and professional successes and challenges are all part of the life that we live. Through my own experiences of three career changes, redundancy, and personal tragedy, I developed a growth mindset of risk taking and resilience along with my coaching training, which places me in good stead to work with leaders facing adversity.

I’m a firm believer of mindfulness as a key to success in the modern world and have been a practitioner for +15 years. This practice allows for greater selfawareness, self-management, authenticity, emotional reasoning, awareness of others, which then leads to inspiring performance of others.

With my coaching, I work with clients to create awareness, generate insights, provide clarity on the current situation to then create forward progress and momentum to achieve their overall goal. Along with my extensive experience I hold a MBA and a certified Reiki Master which allows me to connect on a wide variety of areas with my clients through their coaching journey.

I’m committed to working with my clients to find harmony in their lives to become happy, confident and successful every day.

A supporter of Diversity & Inclusion, I have also been a Speaker Coach and Moderator for TedxTinHauWomen and Panel Moderator for events in Hong Kong.