Construction, Property and Infrastructure Committee

Area of Focus: Construction, Property, Infrastructure

Engagement and Mission:

The Construction, Property and Infrastructure Committee (CPI) is one of the longest-running AustCham Committees. The committee is comprised of a diverse mix of senior executives from local, Australian and international firms, as well as government bodies.

The CPI Committee is actively engaged with key industry leaders on policy and project development. We have successfully held several functions with the HK Jockey Club, Construction Industry Council, Civil Engineering and Development Department, MTR, EKEO, Home Affairs Bureau, Architectural Services and other local stakeholders.

Looking to the Future:

We have many events planned for the upcoming year, and we look forward to continuing the strong relationship with the Australian and HKSAR governments, international business community, relevant industry councils and key stakeholders.

Time and Date of Meeting: Fourth Thursday of a month

If you have any questions about the Committees, you may contact us at for more information.

Committee Management
Mr. Paul Scott
Mr. Michael Camerlengo
Mr. Paul Scroggie
Merx Group